To celebrate the opening of our exciting new brewery and tasting room, we're offering a limited number of Dandy Black Cards. 

For $1000, prospective Black Card Members will receive the limited edition Black Card, loaded with $1500 of credit to use however they see fit at the Dandy Brewing Company and Tasting Room. 

Merchandise. Food. Drink. Events. Spend it at once. Savor it for years. All possible for Dandy Black Card holders.

Other perks include access to select pre-release beers, as well as certain Dandy cellar beers, an invite to the annual Black Card Black Tie party, and access to complimentary Dandy Concierge service*. 

When you run out your initial balance, you can re-load for life, at 15% premium (card receives $115 dollars, for every $100 spent), or not reload it at all, and receive 10% off in the tasting room for life. 

Only a limited number of these cards are up for grabs.

Interested? Questions? Email us info (at)

*Dandy Concierge Service is a casual service affording a few extra perks to card holders.  Services include, but are not limited to: card holders to call ahead to have beer/food ready upon arrival at the tasting room, beer consulting for pairings or parties. Subject to availability. 


Not so Small Print: 

Cards must be paid in full before receiving. Cards will be available for pick up, starting May 1st 2018 at the Tasting room. Cards are non transferable, and may only be used by the original purchaser. There are no refunds on cards purchased or money loaded on to card. Replacement fee for lost cards is $50. Minimum reload amount is $100, maximum reload amount is $5000. Can not be used at the North East Dandy Location.