Current Tap List

Updated: August 2nd 2017

1-. Mein Leibster Feind

Dry Hopped Hefe. 5%

German Meets American. Refreshing.


2-Dandy in the Underworld Stout

Oyster Stout 5%

Light to mid bodied stout. Roast, coffee, slight sweetness


3- Une Vieille Maitresse

Grisette. 4%

Fresh. Spicy. Belgian


4-The Dandy

Wild Sour 7%

Wild Fermented Sour. 


5- Prince of the Rodeo

Grapefruit Gose 5.1%

Tart. Refreshing. Grapefruit. 


6-Summertime and The Living's Easy

Fruited Sour Ale 7%

Tropical Pink Guava. No growler fills.


7-The Honourable Gwendolyn Fairfax

Irish Stout 4.5%

Irish Stout. Dryer. Smoother


8- Bright Young Things

English Summer Ale 5.5%

Annual Summer Offering. Lightly toasted wheat. balanced sweet citrus.

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