5.5% ABV

The main Dandy. This beer is our most popular offering and available everywhere, all the time. A light body with notes of coffee, chocolate, and light roast, this traditional Oyster Stout is sure to be a favourite. 

Pairs well with oysters, fish, and other salty snacks!

UnE VIeille Maitresse

4.5% ABV

This farmhouse ale is available year round in the bottle and draught. A table strength beer brewed with rye and french saison yeast. It is light, refreshing, with a touch of spice and saison character. Brewed once as a limited edition, we can't seem to shake this old mistress. 

The DAndY Wild Sour Ale

7.3% ABV

A bold, malty sour ale soured with lactobacillus and fermented with a wild yeast strain. An upfront sourness is balanced with wild yeast character for a rich sour experience. 


7.5% ABV

A bold IPA that is all sorts of Dandy. Choosing not to take sides, this rich IPA has a present bitterness balanced with a juicy citrus aroma. 

Dandy Lager

5% ABV

An import style premium lager brewed with toasted rice and the finest Alberta malt. Thoughtfully hopped with prime German hops, for a subtle citrus aroma, this beer is crisp and fresh. Premium in name, Dandy in Naturre.