What a Summer so far.

So here we are. August. 

The trip since April has been bonkers. We hit the ground running with the tasting room, and it hasn't stopped since. Big ups to all you amazing folks who have come checked us out/shared a meal. 

The brewery side started operations in June and has been running full tilt to get the beers out. We're almost caught up on alllll the beers! We've been able to pop out some special ones (My Boy Lollipop, Prince of the Rodeo) and we are super pumped to add T2G-IPA to the full line up. 

Although we wont be hitting too much of the summer, we do hope to have a patio open before it all ends. 

Keep an eye out for tasty beers rolling out over the next few weeks. So much fun.

Also....We will be doing some hiring soon, so keep an eye out on our employment page for all the deets.