Yes. It's True.

Hello Dandies. 

This blog post is to address some pictures, some pictures of a pretty exciting brewery, posted on Twitter on Thursday evening. 

Yes. It is true. We are in the process of building a new brewery. Is it set in stone? Never. Is it ever? The plans are very early in the process, and although we are cautiously optimistic as every day passes and more and more hurdles are jumped, we know there is a lot that can go wrong. 

To clarify, we still have a few more hurdles and aren't anywhere close to demolition (yes, you may have driven past the building, who knows). We're even further from knowing when we will be opening but you can bet we will be throwing a little bit of a party/making a lot of don't worry about missing it.

To clear the air...

No. Again. No. Nothing is set in stone at this point. We're excited, but understand fully that there are a few issues that can pop up and derail this project. Until we're pouring the first pint...we're not throwing any parties! 

Yes, it is potentially in an inner city community. Much easier to get to by bike, transit...and much cheaper in a cab. 

Yes. There will be a larger tasting room. 24 seats means making lots of friends, but it also means turning a lot of beer loving folks away. We can't wait to have a bigger room and be able to welcome all those who come by..into our space. 

Yes we are growing. No we're not building a monstrosity. As you know, we have a tiny brewhouse/tank farm right now. Any growth is huge for us. We are keeping it a manageable size in order to retain the control we rely on to produce the beers ya'll seem to love.

No, no plastic tanks.

YES...Dandy #1 (as we love to call it) will stay open. We love our neighborhood, we love our tasting room, and we love the community that has grown out of those 24 seats. We built the brewhouse and rigged the tanks ourselves, we demolished and built a tasting room ourselves, and have put infinite hours tweaking every corner... we could not imagine mothballing it anytime soon. The brewery has some mystical powers when it comes to brewing Dandy beers and we look forward to pushing it's capabilities on some pretty amazing/unique/exclusive beers for who knows how long! 

Yes. We'll still be making all the crazy styles and unique beers we have always made. We don't plan on pulling the hand off the throttle any time soon! 

We hope this answers some questions. Up to now the Calgary, Alberta, and Canadian craft beer scenes have been unbelievable supportive. We are blown away every day by how rad people are, and would not be doing this if we didn't have such amazing folks supporting us. 

We are super pumped to be moving to a neighborhood so rich in brewing history as well as developing as a modern craft beer center for the city and province. We're also super pumped to bring you all along.

This is all insane on our end, and like we said, nothing is confirmed...only in motion. We'll keep every posted at every step!