Some Good. Some Bad.

So expansion is in a holding pattern. Not everything went to plan. It does look like it's all for good reason though. News will go out as we get it. 

Anyways, news of note:

March 10-Launch of our Mill Street Collaboration (White Stout). This beer has wayyyy to much fun packed into it. A nitro stout...that looks like a blonde. Come check it out. 

March 17th- St-Patrick's Day Party at National 17th. This party is going to be off the hook!!!! 5 beer takeover by us, tasty snacks and cocktails. Be there. 

March 26th- Official launch of the Jungle Bird at Proof Cocktail bar. A little bit beer, a little bit cocktail, a lot of fun!!! The beer will roll out a little earlier, but this will be the legit party!

Chat soon,