6 months later

It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we announced the new space in Ramsay. 

Since that time there has been some pretty amazing highs, and some pretty killer lows. With all that behind us we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and can't wait to get the doors open in the next couple months. 

First off, we want to send out a HUGE thanks for all the kind words, enthusiasm, and support we have gotten from the communities both Ramsay and Inglewood communities, and the craft beer communities. It has been both humbling and motivating, and definitely picked us up on days that were particularly troublesome. 

Second, we wanted to pass along some news on the space, see if we can't get ya'll as excited as we are!

1-Yes! Food! We will have a (small) full kitchen in the space. That means we will be having lunch and dinner menus and all of that. We will be announcing the chef in the coming weeks, but can tell you now they are pretty amazing. Like all things Dandy you can expect things to be a little different. We're not rolling the pub grub route. A little more refined, and a little more Dandy. 

2- We do not have an opening date yet, but when we do, we'll be singing it from the rooftops. Mainly because we're going to have a slammin grand opening party...and we will want ALL of you to come celebrate with us.

3- Thanks to the support from the rad folks at the AGLC, we are able to open our tasting room as soon as it's open, even if our brewhouse is a month or two behind. Thankfully we have another brewery to produce beers at. 

4-Bad news is, that due to the tight production at Dandy 1, we'll have to take a break from filling growlers. boooo right?

5-Dandy #1...I would say this is everyone's biggest question. Yes. Dandy 1 wll still be producing beers. Will it be the same as our current set up...no. Will that tasting room stay open. No, not when the Ramsay space opens...will it re-open? YES! Will it be the same... NO! That's all we can say right now.

So, that brings the Ramsay space up to speed. If you're in the area, drive by and check it out..It's been transforming quick!

Now, other news

We did a collaboration with Twin Sails. All I can say is that it will be amazing....We are super pumped for it. Details coming soon. 

Black IPA is back for winter. Tweaked a little bit this year...but still amazing. Look for it in stores this week. 

We are releasing a new Dandy Edition next week. A Quebec style saison, that has a rich malt body, some nice sweetness, and some good alcohol heat. We are so excited for this

New merch in the tasting room including new coffee, mugs, bottle openers, pins, and hats!!!


Okay, it's late and I am pretty sure I am done.