Rolling through the Bleak Midwinter.

Hello all. 

Happy New Year. Hoorah hoorah hoorah. 

Everything is happening, while nothing is happening to be honest. Thus the delay in posting. 

Lets talk expansion.

We have made it through the first "hurry up" stage, and are now firmly in the "wait stage"...waiting for another "hurry up" and an even longer "wait" stage to come....before we knock the socks off of all of you with our rad new space. 

What we can tell you is that it IS happening in the first half of the year (if know...continue as is). Most importantly for all ya'll out there is that this will include an updated and expanded tasting room, which we're super pumped about. There may be a little rougher looking room for a couple weeks, but we'll really try to avoid any major interference with service. 

New tanks will be arriving! We'll be growing from 12x3.5hl tanks, to 7x20hl tanks...huge right!

Anyway, on to beer related. 

February 3rd, we're hitting YEG for Freeze Your Cask Off, which we're super pumped about. This event was our first foray into Edmonton 2 years ago, and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it again. 

February 11th, we head east for the Steamwhistle Winter Roundhouse Beer Festival. Super excited to be a part of this! Look out Ontario! 

Most importantly we've got everything set in motion for the spring seasonal release in March. Let's just say a feathered friend will be making a return. Release party is going to be slllllaaaammmmmiiinnnn!!!!!

Also in March (need something to do for that lousy Smarch weather) we'll be having a party at National 17th for St Patricks Day. You best believe our Irish Dry Stout will be coming back for that. 

Well, I have done my duty (1 news post/month) 

love to all.