Mid-Summer news

Hello interworld. 

Time for another Dandy update. 

The Grisette is heading out to shelves all over Calgary this week. Keep your eye out. This beer is the perfect buddy for hot summer days. Bright and Fresh with a slight Belgian kick, you can't go wrong! This beer will be available exclusively at select bottle shops in Calgary and Edmonton(later this week). 

There are some really fresh and fun beers coming down the line including a Vermont Style Pale Ale, an American style Pale Mild, and one hell of an IPA. 

Also, be on the look out for new hats, shirts, and growlers (the baby howler has landed) hitting our shelves really soon here. It just may be the most useless growler you'll ever buy.

In other news, the tasting room is cruising along in the summer sun. If you haven't had a chance

Talk soon beloveds.