Killing it in Summer....

SO much news. First off, summer hours are extended starting July 6th. We are now open 

Wednesday 3-10, Thursday 3-10, Friday 3-10, Saturday 12-10, and Sunday 12-6. Yay! 

In other news we are super excited to announce the upcoming release of "Summertime (And the Living's Easy)" our Raspberry Cardamom Fruited Sour. Released in bottles, in short numbers most has been picked up by Calgary Co-op, but we'll have  bottles in the tasting room as well! It's 7.5% and miiiiighty tasty! 

Tons of new merch is happening to. We have our Hoodies and crew-neck sweaters and brand spanking new "Dark on dark" t-shirts. All are sewn and printed in Canada! 

Also, thought it was maybe time to update the race to 40 beer list (in no specific order) 

  1. Une Vieille Maitresse: Rye Grisette
  2. Mein Liebster Feind- Dry hopped Hefeweizen
  3. Elliot Gould as Trapper John: M.A.S.H. Extra Pale Ale (Fusion)
  4. Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce: M.A.S.H. Extra Pale Ale (Jester)
  5. Bright Young Things: English Summer Ale
  6. The Honourable Gwendolyn Fairfax: Nitro Stout
  7. The Cheeky Chappy: Dark Mild
  8. The Chatty Chappy: Proper Mild
  9. The Dandy: Wild Sour Ale
  10. The Jungle Bird: Dark tropical sour
  11. Raspberry Gose
  12. Szechuan Belgian Blonde
  13. T2E-IPA V.1
  14. T2E-IPA V.1.2
  15. Belgian T2E-IPA
  16. Session T2E-IPA
  17. Part Time Punks: Ginger Sour
  18. Not Looking for a New England: English Style IPA
  19. Brel's Brun: Belgian Dark Strong
  20. Black ISA collaboration (Tool Shed partygyle collab!)
  21. Toolshed Collaboration: Imperial Stout
  22. Summertime (and The Living's Easy): Raspberry Cardamom Summer (July 1 release)
  23. Smuggler's Ale:  Amber Ale (exclusive to Smuggler's Inn) 
  24. ????? Collab with Trolly 5!