Rolling into the Summer Season!

Hello All. 

Quick updates. 

#1 our M*A*S*H beers are now on tap. Malt And Single Hops are where we get the AWESOME names from. The first (Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce) is a Jester Hop Extra Pale. It is a fruitier hop that is the UK attempt at an American style hop. Notes of tart strawberry, slight passion fruit, and light hints of traditional UK earthiness. A really fun fresh hop.

The second (Elliot Gould as Trapper John) is a fusion hop Extra Pale. Fusion is a really interesting hop. It's a blend. At the end of the experimental growing season, after all analytics are done, all the hops are blended together into a single pellet (Fusion!)'s different every year, and always fun to see whats happening. 

#2 Summer Ale moves out at as we speak on draught in Calgary and will be hitting shelves in bottles next week! It's amazing this year! Don't forget the launch on June 11th at Container Bar! 

#3 Look for some really fun bottles coming down the line! 

#4....Big event news on Wednesday.....