40 is sooooooooo close. And other news.

Holy smokes. Beer number 40 is IN the tank. So we made it hoorah. You  can find the final list bellow. 40 unique recipes as well as Underworld Stout, GBD, Summer Ale, Julia and Smoke Boss all coming back. 

In the "worst kept secret" news, our next winter seasonal starts moving out this week, Social Media will be letting the cat out of the bag on the details this week. Did you try it on cask this week? This will be the last of the 4 bottle releases in the last 6 weeks. Not bad! 

Holiday hours will be more or less the same, however we will be closing early on Christmas Eve. 

The expansion is rolling along, and we can't wait to share some more details on that in the coming weeks. 

  1. Une Vieille Maitresse: Rye Grisette
  2. Mein Liebster Feind- Dry hopped Hefeweizen
  3. Elliot Gould as Trapper John: M.A.S.H. Extra Pale Ale (Fusion)
  4. Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce: M.A.S.H. Extra Pale Ale (Jester)
  5. Bright Young Things: English Summer Ale
  6. The Honourable Gwendolyn Fairfax: Nitro Stout
  7. The Cheeky Chappy: Dark Mild
  8. The Chatty Chappy: Proper Mild
  9. The Dandy: Wild Sour Ale
  10. The Jungle Bird: Dark tropical sour
  11. Raspberry Gose
  12. Szechuan Belgian Blonde
  13. T2E-IPA V.1
  14. T2E-IPA V.1.2
  15. Belgian T2E-IPA
  16. Session T2E-IPA
  17. Part Time Punks: Ginger Sour
  18. Not Looking for a New England: English Style IPA
  19. Brel's Brun: Belgian Dark Strong
  20. Black ISA collaboration (Tool Shed partygyle collab!)
  21. Toolshed Collaboration: Imperial Stout
  22. Summertime (and The Living's Easy): Raspberry Cardamom Summer (July 1 release)
  23. Smuggler's Ale:  Amber Ale (exclusive to Smuggler's Inn) 
  24. Prince of the Rodeo grapefruit Session Sour collaboration with Trolly 5!
  25. The Yankee Chappie dry hopped American Mild
  26. The Phil Paul hop burst Vermont pale ale
  27. "Untitled" Martzen Oktoberfest Beer
  28. She's a Femme Fatale Kolsch Oktoberfest Beer
  29. Ethan Allen and the Greenmountain Boys Vermont Style Double IPA
  30. Double T2E-IPA
  31. Baltus Van Tassel Cherry Sour Fall Seasonal
  32. Biere De Garde (with some buddies from Kensington Wine Market!) 
  33. Bartier Brothers Barrel aged Saison
  34. The Plum Dandy
  35. The Jimmy McNulty Big Stout
  36. The Bunk Morland Breakfast Stout
  37. "In The Bleak Midwinter" juicy Black IPA 
  38. Hellertau Blanc hopped Farmhouse (coming soon)
  39. T2E-IPA Coming soon. 
  40. Pre-War Mild (Coming Soon)