It's been a month already?

Hi Friends. 

This fall is screaming by. It's crazy. 

Just wanted to give some heads up, shout outs, and all that stuff. 

40 beers-We are coming down to crunch time, but it looks like we will squeeze in the 40! The fall has proven to be a little busier than planned with the production beers, but we're going to do it. The final few beers will be brewed/announced soon. 

New beers in the bottle-

  • Last week we released Dandy Edition #8 (5th bottled), a Biere De Garde brewed with our pals at the Kensington Wine Market. This one is flying. If you haven't yet gotten your paws on some bottles, I would suggest swinging by the tasting room, or KWM (or Sherbrook in YEG) to get some bottles. This is an ideal holiday beer, so you probably should grab a couple while you can! 
  • Another big beer next week (November 23rd release)! In an even more limited run, next week we are releasing our first Barrel Beer. This farmhouse ale was brought to life in barrels from our pals at Bartier Bros. We got chatting, they drove the barrels out to us, and we made the beer. This is an incredibly complex beer, with all sorts of flavor depth. Unique wine character, soft oak, great french yeast character. There is EXTREME limited quantities of this beer, so get it quick.
  • The Plum Dandy-Another Fruited sour (the second in the series) will be launched in the bottle on December 30th. This beer was mainly brewed as an exclusive to be shipped across the country BUT we're holding on to a decent amount of cases for the tasting room. If you had the "Summertime (and the living's easy)" you'll know this is a beer not to be missed. 
  •  Winter Seasonal- We'll let you know about this one's good. It's great. It will be out in December. 

Expansion- This winter/spring we will be embarking on a pretty hefty expansion. We'll be providing more details as we go, but it does mean we'll have a bigger tasting room, and be able to extend our reach! We super excited for this, and can't wait to show you guys what's up!

Events- So many coming up. Tonight we're at Arcadia for a special YEG cask night! This weekend we're at Grape Escape, as well as Beer Rev (Calgary) for a cask on Friday, and Saturday we're at the J Webb beer fest. Next weekend we head to Banff for the most beautiful beer fest in the world.