What a Summer so far.

So here we are. August. 

The trip since April has been bonkers. We hit the ground running with the tasting room, and it hasn't stopped since. Big ups to all you amazing folks who have come checked us out/shared a meal. 

The brewery side started operations in June and has been running full tilt to get the beers out. We're almost caught up on alllll the beers! We've been able to pop out some special ones (My Boy Lollipop, Prince of the Rodeo) and we are super pumped to add T2G-IPA to the full line up. 

Although we wont be hitting too much of the summer, we do hope to have a patio open before it all ends. 

Keep an eye out for tasty beers rolling out over the next few weeks. So much fun.

Also....We will be doing some hiring soon, so keep an eye out on our employment page for all the deets. 

6 months later

It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we announced the new space in Ramsay. 

Since that time there has been some pretty amazing highs, and some pretty killer lows. With all that behind us we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and can't wait to get the doors open in the next couple months. 

First off, we want to send out a HUGE thanks for all the kind words, enthusiasm, and support we have gotten from the communities both Ramsay and Inglewood communities, and the craft beer communities. It has been both humbling and motivating, and definitely picked us up on days that were particularly troublesome. 

Second, we wanted to pass along some news on the space, see if we can't get ya'll as excited as we are!

1-Yes! Food! We will have a (small) full kitchen in the space. That means we will be having lunch and dinner menus and all of that. We will be announcing the chef in the coming weeks, but can tell you now they are pretty amazing. Like all things Dandy you can expect things to be a little different. We're not rolling the pub grub route. A little more refined, and a little more Dandy. 

2- We do not have an opening date yet, but when we do, we'll be singing it from the rooftops. Mainly because we're going to have a slammin grand opening party...and we will want ALL of you to come celebrate with us.

3- Thanks to the support from the rad folks at the AGLC, we are able to open our tasting room as soon as it's open, even if our brewhouse is a month or two behind. Thankfully we have another brewery to produce beers at. 

4-Bad news is, that due to the tight production at Dandy 1, we'll have to take a break from filling growlers. boooo right?

5-Dandy #1...I would say this is everyone's biggest question. Yes. Dandy 1 wll still be producing beers. Will it be the same as our current set up...no. Will that tasting room stay open. No, not when the Ramsay space opens...will it re-open? YES! Will it be the same... NO! That's all we can say right now.

So, that brings the Ramsay space up to speed. If you're in the area, drive by and check it out..It's been transforming quick!

Now, other news

We did a collaboration with Twin Sails. All I can say is that it will be amazing....We are super pumped for it. Details coming soon. 

Black IPA is back for winter. Tweaked a little bit this year...but still amazing. Look for it in stores this week. 

We are releasing a new Dandy Edition next week. A Quebec style saison, that has a rich malt body, some nice sweetness, and some good alcohol heat. We are so excited for this

New merch in the tasting room including new coffee, mugs, bottle openers, pins, and hats!!!


Okay, it's late and I am pretty sure I am done.  




Yes. It's True.

Hello Dandies. 

This blog post is to address some pictures, some pictures of a pretty exciting brewery, posted on Twitter on Thursday evening. 

Yes. It is true. We are in the process of building a new brewery. Is it set in stone? Never. Is it ever? The plans are very early in the process, and although we are cautiously optimistic as every day passes and more and more hurdles are jumped, we know there is a lot that can go wrong. 

To clarify, we still have a few more hurdles and aren't anywhere close to demolition (yes, you may have driven past the building, who knows). We're even further from knowing when we will be opening but you can bet we will be throwing a little bit of a party/making a lot of noise...so don't worry about missing it.

To clear the air...

No. Again. No. Nothing is set in stone at this point. We're excited, but understand fully that there are a few issues that can pop up and derail this project. Until we're pouring the first pint...we're not throwing any parties! 

Yes, it is potentially in an inner city community. Much easier to get to by bike, transit...and much cheaper in a cab. 

Yes. There will be a larger tasting room. 24 seats means making lots of friends, but it also means turning a lot of beer loving folks away. We can't wait to have a bigger room and be able to welcome all those who come by..into our space. 

Yes we are growing. No we're not building a monstrosity. As you know, we have a tiny brewhouse/tank farm right now. Any growth is huge for us. We are keeping it a manageable size in order to retain the control we rely on to produce the beers ya'll seem to love.

No, no plastic tanks.

YES...Dandy #1 (as we love to call it) will stay open. We love our neighborhood, we love our tasting room, and we love the community that has grown out of those 24 seats. We built the brewhouse and rigged the tanks ourselves, we demolished and built a tasting room ourselves, and have put infinite hours tweaking every corner... we could not imagine mothballing it anytime soon. The brewery has some mystical powers when it comes to brewing Dandy beers and we look forward to pushing it's capabilities on some pretty amazing/unique/exclusive beers for who knows how long! 

Yes. We'll still be making all the crazy styles and unique beers we have always made. We don't plan on pulling the hand off the throttle any time soon! 

We hope this answers some questions. Up to now the Calgary, Alberta, and Canadian craft beer scenes have been unbelievable supportive. We are blown away every day by how rad people are, and would not be doing this if we didn't have such amazing folks supporting us. 

We are super pumped to be moving to a neighborhood so rich in brewing history as well as developing as a modern craft beer center for the city and province. We're also super pumped to bring you all along.

This is all insane on our end, and like we said, nothing is confirmed...only in motion. We'll keep every posted at every step! 


New beers out.

Hello All. 

Quick bit of news. 

The Jungle Bird Tropical Dark Sour is not released in bottles and kegs, province wide. If you don't have it at your local (in store or on tap) then you should really ask them to order it!

The Jungle Bird is a dark sour, with a bright sourness, fresh tropical notes, and rich brown sugar notes. It's great. 

Also! The GBD is back. It is 100% real ale, and available in bottles and in the cask only. It uses 100% Marris Otter for it's base, Victory malt, EKG bittering, and the unique Jester hops for the dry hop. This is also available province wide. 

Some Good. Some Bad.

So expansion is in a holding pattern. Not everything went to plan. It does look like it's all for good reason though. News will go out as we get it. 

Anyways, news of note:

March 10-Launch of our Mill Street Collaboration (White Stout). This beer has wayyyy to much fun packed into it. A nitro stout...that looks like a blonde. Come check it out. 

March 17th- St-Patrick's Day Party at National 17th. This party is going to be off the hook!!!! 5 beer takeover by us, tasty snacks and cocktails. Be there. 

March 26th- Official launch of the Jungle Bird at Proof Cocktail bar. A little bit beer, a little bit cocktail, a lot of fun!!! The beer will roll out a little earlier, but this will be the legit party!

Chat soon, 

Rolling through the Bleak Midwinter.

Hello all. 

Happy New Year. Hoorah hoorah hoorah. 

Everything is happening, while nothing is happening to be honest. Thus the delay in posting. 

Lets talk expansion.

We have made it through the first "hurry up" stage, and are now firmly in the "wait stage"...waiting for another "hurry up" and an even longer "wait" stage to come....before we knock the socks off of all of you with our rad new space. 

What we can tell you is that it IS happening in the first half of the year (if things...you know...continue as is). Most importantly for all ya'll out there is that this will include an updated and expanded tasting room, which we're super pumped about. There may be a little rougher looking room for a couple weeks, but we'll really try to avoid any major interference with service. 

New tanks will be arriving! We'll be growing from 12x3.5hl tanks, to 7x20hl tanks...huge right!

Anyway, on to beer related. 

February 3rd, we're hitting YEG for Freeze Your Cask Off, which we're super pumped about. This event was our first foray into Edmonton 2 years ago, and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it again. 

February 11th, we head east for the Steamwhistle Winter Roundhouse Beer Festival. Super excited to be a part of this! Look out Ontario! 

Most importantly we've got everything set in motion for the spring seasonal release in March. Let's just say a feathered friend will be making a return. Release party is going to be slllllaaaammmmmiiinnnn!!!!!

Also in March (need something to do for that lousy Smarch weather) we'll be having a party at National 17th for St Patricks Day. You best believe our Irish Dry Stout will be coming back for that. 

Well, I have done my duty (1 news post/month) 

love to all. 


40 is sooooooooo close. And other news.

Holy smokes. Beer number 40 is IN the tank. So we made it hoorah. You  can find the final list bellow. 40 unique recipes as well as Underworld Stout, GBD, Summer Ale, Julia and Smoke Boss all coming back. 

In the "worst kept secret" news, our next winter seasonal starts moving out this week, Social Media will be letting the cat out of the bag on the details this week. Did you try it on cask this week? This will be the last of the 4 bottle releases in the last 6 weeks. Not bad! 

Holiday hours will be more or less the same, however we will be closing early on Christmas Eve. 

The expansion is rolling along, and we can't wait to share some more details on that in the coming weeks. 

  1. Une Vieille Maitresse: Rye Grisette
  2. Mein Liebster Feind- Dry hopped Hefeweizen
  3. Elliot Gould as Trapper John: M.A.S.H. Extra Pale Ale (Fusion)
  4. Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce: M.A.S.H. Extra Pale Ale (Jester)
  5. Bright Young Things: English Summer Ale
  6. The Honourable Gwendolyn Fairfax: Nitro Stout
  7. The Cheeky Chappy: Dark Mild
  8. The Chatty Chappy: Proper Mild
  9. The Dandy: Wild Sour Ale
  10. The Jungle Bird: Dark tropical sour
  11. Raspberry Gose
  12. Szechuan Belgian Blonde
  13. T2E-IPA V.1
  14. T2E-IPA V.1.2
  15. Belgian T2E-IPA
  16. Session T2E-IPA
  17. Part Time Punks: Ginger Sour
  18. Not Looking for a New England: English Style IPA
  19. Brel's Brun: Belgian Dark Strong
  20. Black ISA collaboration (Tool Shed partygyle collab!)
  21. Toolshed Collaboration: Imperial Stout
  22. Summertime (and The Living's Easy): Raspberry Cardamom Summer (July 1 release)
  23. Smuggler's Ale:  Amber Ale (exclusive to Smuggler's Inn) 
  24. Prince of the Rodeo grapefruit Session Sour collaboration with Trolly 5!
  25. The Yankee Chappie dry hopped American Mild
  26. The Phil Paul hop burst Vermont pale ale
  27. "Untitled" Martzen Oktoberfest Beer
  28. She's a Femme Fatale Kolsch Oktoberfest Beer
  29. Ethan Allen and the Greenmountain Boys Vermont Style Double IPA
  30. Double T2E-IPA
  31. Baltus Van Tassel Cherry Sour Fall Seasonal
  32. Biere De Garde (with some buddies from Kensington Wine Market!) 
  33. Bartier Brothers Barrel aged Saison
  34. The Plum Dandy
  35. The Jimmy McNulty Big Stout
  36. The Bunk Morland Breakfast Stout
  37. "In The Bleak Midwinter" juicy Black IPA 
  38. Hellertau Blanc hopped Farmhouse (coming soon)
  39. T2E-IPA Coming soon. 
  40. Pre-War Mild (Coming Soon)

It's been a month already?

Hi Friends. 

This fall is screaming by. It's crazy. 

Just wanted to give some heads up, shout outs, and all that stuff. 

40 beers-We are coming down to crunch time, but it looks like we will squeeze in the 40! The fall has proven to be a little busier than planned with the production beers, but we're going to do it. The final few beers will be brewed/announced soon. 

New beers in the bottle-

  • Last week we released Dandy Edition #8 (5th bottled), a Biere De Garde brewed with our pals at the Kensington Wine Market. This one is flying. If you haven't yet gotten your paws on some bottles, I would suggest swinging by the tasting room, or KWM (or Sherbrook in YEG) to get some bottles. This is an ideal holiday beer, so you probably should grab a couple while you can! 
  • Another big beer next week (November 23rd release)! In an even more limited run, next week we are releasing our first Barrel Beer. This farmhouse ale was brought to life in barrels from our pals at Bartier Bros. We got chatting, they drove the barrels out to us, and we made the beer. This is an incredibly complex beer, with all sorts of flavor depth. Unique wine character, soft oak, great french yeast character. There is EXTREME limited quantities of this beer, so get it quick.
  • The Plum Dandy-Another Fruited sour (the second in the series) will be launched in the bottle on December 30th. This beer was mainly brewed as an exclusive to be shipped across the country BUT we're holding on to a decent amount of cases for the tasting room. If you had the "Summertime (and the living's easy)" you'll know this is a beer not to be missed. 
  •  Winter Seasonal- We'll let you know about this one soon...it's good. It's great. It will be out in December. 

Expansion- This winter/spring we will be embarking on a pretty hefty expansion. We'll be providing more details as we go, but it does mean we'll have a bigger tasting room, and be able to extend our reach! We super excited for this, and can't wait to show you guys what's up!

Events- So many coming up. Tonight we're at Arcadia for a special YEG cask night! This weekend we're at Grape Escape, as well as Beer Rev (Calgary) for a cask on Friday, and Saturday we're at the J Webb beer fest. Next weekend we head to Banff for the most beautiful beer fest in the world. 



It's Fall.

News? You want News?

Well...here we are.

Fall seasonal is out. The Baltus Van Tassel is an American Style Brown Sour Ale, with Cherries. 

Look for it province wide now in the bottle, kegs will begin to move out over the coming month!

Also, are you going to Banff Beer Fest? You should. The ABF folks know how to throw a party!

We're closing in on 40 beers and can't wait!!! Party when it's done?


Alberta Beer week is upon us...and it's going to be amazing.

September23rd-October 1st is Alberta Beer Week! A week to celebrate all things Alberta beer. We're super excited and have a ton planned!!!

  • Fall Seasonal preview at National 17th (surprise, it's a sour)
  • Smoke Boss at Midtown YYC
  • Tap Take Over at Cilantro and Chive (Lacombe) on September 28th
  • Cask at Cilantro and Chive (Lacombe) Friday September 30th
  • 5$ Summer Ale celebration at Westhills National
  • Feature Beers (Kolsch and The Dandy Wild Sour) at Bo's in Red Deer
  • Keg of DOUBLE T2E-IPA at Last Best September 28th
  • Full German Line-up at YYC Oktoberfest (yes, only true German styles) 
  • Beerweek Kickoff tasting event at Willow Park